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Pay respect to Telecom Engineers

When generally I’m being asked by some one what do I do, My simple answer goes by “I belong to Telecom Engineers.” I dont drag the matter into complexity, what the designation , what type of work I do, because people dont have here much ideas about telecom industry. they are too mainstream, and most precisely less focused, every one think,after completion of B.Tech, there’s only one way : Join an I.T company. I’m not talking about all(there are lots of IT,CSE students & they have strong skills to be an IT professional), But its for other streams – they can never think beyond this boundary, but frankly this is not the big issue, issue is to look down upon others works.

Pay respect to Telecom Engineers

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I’m an RF engineer, my own work is in brief collecting radio frequency data on the go. It may be on a busy street, may be on a icy valley, may be on the bank of a river, or in a top floor of a multi stored building. so without my work its impossible to determine how frequencies are behaving in open space. I dont work sitting in an AC room of office, I work in fields, I work hard so that RF connectivities ensure without fail. More over I work in physical level, to serve customers who face issues, so my work isnot like selling sim cards 😀 Today one of my friend introduced me to his co-worker as I’m working in XXXX Service operator , hearing about the organization that 3rd guy ( was a IT guy from R.S.Software) asked me is there any corporate plan or sim available for them in XXXX. I understood may be he counted me as a sales person. Well I’m not not – most of the people assumed such things hearing about name of operator. I dont know whats wrong with.

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