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Rain revisited Asansol after its unusual departure



almost thought that Rain is finally gone from Bengal, because the last month’s Rain performance was outstanding & some of the places in states face extreme flood conditions. besides, Asansol is somehow tends to have an adverse weather condition – always hot & humidity in nature. My temporary room is again a poor man’s place – no ceiling fan, only a stand fan arranged somehow. so I’m the person who can literally understand the feeling before boil.

But after the weekend, my return to Asansol was again some moment with charm, I consider. The cloudy atmosphere, drizzling rain, cold & heavy winds told all the stories while I was stepping into Raniganj area. Even in office, today it was much better sensations. people was loitering around the balcony – enjoying the flavor of nature. There was no more rush of customers for service, no more hurry, only thunder splashing, laziness in daily lives.

Even there was a scheduled plan for me in outskirts for some survey related activities which as usual got hampered for the continuous rain & it was literally 1.5 hours while I was standing in a bus stop waiting for an interruption so that I can move back to office.

Finally I found everyone returned one by one with no result, thanks to my biker friend Boomba who carried me all the way to office by his bike. Rain lasted the whole day & at around 9PM I was walking down to my place with a determination that tonight I’ll have a sleep in pleasure.




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