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Recapitulation days with zeetherz

Zeetherz - tanmoy biswas


well,it was from 2009.  now its a long days ago, that was my ist stage performance with the band ZEETHERZ. Basically i was lead guitarist of my own band,thats a school band of mine,called NAKSHATRA. The second band i mentioned here was my own band,i was the founder and the stories then were something different then, now whats are the stories, i have no relations with them. so pardon me.

It was the ist calling from zeetherz. one mutual point was here. he is arindam das. the second founder of nakshatra, now the drummer of zeetherz. he called me to play with them . and as he was one of my childhood frnds so i readily accepted his proposal and was ready to accompany them. the earlier set up of zeetherz it was: Dhruba,Arijit,Arindam,Debasis,Me. I was lead guitarist and had rights to play solos to my extent. So I was very much excited to work with some new guys,new music compositions. It was earlier of 2011, most probably month was september . not sure well .

I had to bunk my classes to be the part of that performance. so i took extra tees,bags etc. Some of the guys from us helped me in class. As we arrived the drawing room,huge responses,welcome messages reached to our heart. and we were pretty sure that this show must be a successful one . Though i made a huge performances earlier ,i had no fear but i was little bit worried with the other guys if they could give me the support till end.

zeetherz logo



whatever,finally the time came up and we started to move to the auditorium. the environment was cool ,everything was cool except the audience,they were loud and shouting to hear some noise today. and we were crazy too . we were checking sounds behind the curtain,and as the instrument sounded, people were much louder and their excitement level were growing too. Finally when the whole lights of the auditorium shutdown ,the huge noise reduced to zero. people were expecting some thing different now and they were waiting for the transition period to come. we had to perform the song: “Vorer batase”(in the wind of the dawn) a song by a local band Fossils here, as the opening song of that gig. I had to play a solo before the song. i played the solo always in light ( i had  to look to the fretboard), but the lights were off, so that was the first challenge,and i was little confused whether it wud be perfect or not, but I did that with excellence. And yess,after the very ist song the show had to run faster, and we performed several songs,crowd were enjoying , vocal performnace by dhruba was awsome and his stage appearance was awful and terrific, people thought if this guy was drunk. lol.

Yeah now these are the memories. People still remember the show and sometimes whenever i am introduced by my name or name of zeetherz, they still mention their memories regarding this performance.

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