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Reliance JIO – bringing voLTE service in India

Reliance JIO & its offerings:


he work pressure in Reliance JIO is the obvious reason which  hinders me sometime for dedicated blogging. As still the operator’s LTE service has not been launched after some hard project phase of 3-4 years, now the company on the verge to launch. The actual date has not been announced, though the tariff launch date is published as 15th August’16.  Its expected that within October the service will be fully activated & available. Though it has been half commercialized as JIO sims can be purchased now as bundled with LYF handsets. Not only that these handsets are within the range of common people. The starting price of a LYF handset is as low as almost 3000 bucks. Besides this, you can avail a benefit of free unlimited LTE data, Local/STD voice, sms, premium access to JIO apps, 15k rupees JIO money coupon.
So the possibility is unlimited. you are getting so much benefits which only costs some 3k rupees. I guess, you  spend mobile data, broadband, voice minutes, SMS each month worth 1000 rupees at least. so actually u’re getting 3months unlimited access plus a device all together. so I think there should not be any reason to purchase this JIO preview offer.

Why to use voLTE:

What my analysis is: Reliance JIO is bringing the voLTE service to India as the ist operator. voLTE is acronym for Voice Over LTE, i.e your voice signals will be carried over LTE channels. so you’ll get  HD voice ,there are no background noise. Moreover, for using this voLTE service, Call Setup Time has been drastically reduced to few ms. Yes! its true. JIO to JIO calls are being set up within 0.3-0.7 ms. Jio to other operator calls (as they’re not offering voLTE) also end to a scale of 1-3 seconds (In good RF case).

Why LYF handsets were introduced :

So voLTE service is a trending new service in Indian Telecom industry, in which Reliance JIO is the pioneer. Now the hard part is that all handsets are not upto this level that they support voLTE ( as this is a hardware specific service). I suppose, only some qualcomm chips are capable of providing voLTE service. so, there is a gap to make a unified platform where all data, voLTE services would be uninterrupted. To mitigate this issue, Reliance JIO has introduced its own devices – LYF devices (all the LYF devices are voLTE supported).
So pls make a better decision from today before purchasing a new handset. Keep the voLTE service is mind & choose handset accordingly. Apart from LYF, there are other handsets also which support voLTE. but their numbers are very few (iphones from 5s, some HTC, samsung models, lenovo vibe shot,lenovo a6000plus, some lava & xolo models)

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2 Responses
  • Pritraj Sikdar
    July 27, 2016

    Your information is very much appreciated and it will help enlighten the common people about voLTE and it will very much boost up the jio’s market. So now besides an engineer you are doing sales part too.. that’s great.

      July 27, 2016

      Haha. Thank you pritraj. Yes voLTE is the new service in Telecom industry & soon other operators will follow this within some years.
      & I’m not doing sales part 😛 its just making people understand why this 😀

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