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Shotgun pose in Gorkhey, Darjiling


i everyone, this days are very hectic, so really I cant make much time for my blogging  & writing full articles. Though its always a habit for me – I keep myself engaged into this thought process – what’d be my next topic. It was not a great deal though choosing tho create this one. Today suddenly I gazed into my old albums & a particular photo catched my attention. Me & one of my friend – we posed like crazy in Gorkhey last year. Sometimes formal posing or standing postures like models is ok, casual things. But posing with a gun? HaHa ! I must tell this gang of us are real crazy. We gripped a tripod stand (of a camera) & it was like some mafia war. Lol

Tanmoy Biswas Fun moments with tripod in Gorkhey

A memorable crime scene from the past where one of ur best buddies was trying to fool around with a shotgun, lol, i mean tripod.

That morning we had a photo shoot session & If I’m not wrong then probably we captured almost 300 photos in a batch. Every photo carried a different message, a different perspective. So we were ultra idea makers at that time. We captured different subjects like – flying machine, quidditch playing, jump to air, kickassing etc. Just a hot morning tea did all the magic. & these tired souls became full on energy.


Even after one year of completion, we dont ever feel the difference. It seemed like just couple of months ago.  You guys can find out other of my photos taken at Gorkhey. If you’ve any crazy stories, please feel free to share with me, You can write it down here or Choose to contact me option.


You might be interested to know things taken place in Gorkhey, because I think it was an interesting place, why not to check that too yourself.

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