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Should we give another chance Gnostic Gospels?

This is surely gonna absurd talking about this issue as I told earlier that project Gnostic Gospels met some unresolvable circumstances of having crisis with talents in kolkata. But now may be there is another hope for Gnostic Gospels. Already we were having some good times with this project .
Surely this project was dream project of me & Arijit. As our solo projects are included here. I cant talk about Rupak! Cuz may be he’s another strongest pillar of this band but how much he’s related with this band thats still under the veil. But i was introduced to Rupak during this set up & surely that was a kickass moment when i came to know theres a prominent ambient player exists in this world. 😉
due to lack of talents this project came to an end,we didnt find any suitable drummer in our territory. rather saying it talent crysis may be called a blame to kolkata musicians,because there are really some undercover musicians who making fantastic compositions-still we can call this a distance gap to our place fron those bucket of talented drummers.
In this situation Arijit was utterly frustrated & thought of leaving music- may be some family related problem or career related problems were there. but the ultimate impact was we made this happened to gnostic gospels drawing it to an unsaid amount of barring.
Suddenly after long days Arijit said that he actually feeling to resume this.

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