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Site optimization- Imambara,Hooghly

Suddenly a plan was made for Hoogly, Imambara. Its a saturday- generally I dont prefer to take loads of works in this day, but job is job. Without wasting time I picked up my car from Rishra & attended the CSM complaints near chandan nagar , then Kanagarh, finally Imambara.

Just near Imambara we’ve Tata GSM site, which was needed to be optimised as the nearby locations were of low outdoor as well as indoor coverage, so I insisted my rigger to climb the RTT up & became busy with shooting of surroundings. Suddenly these views drew my attention & I shooted the pics.

Imambara Bandel #imambara #clicks #telecomEngineer

Imambara Bandel #imambara #clicks #telecomEngineer

After the site optimisation it was part of work to have a drive in the area to have an idea about the overall improvement. I did my job & found some real improvements.

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