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Site survey works-a peer to telecom engineers lives

By Tanmoy Biswas

Since I came to kolkata I was eagerly waiting for this day to have a site drive. I learned much specifications & technical knowledge,so it was just a matter of time to implement those.

I called last night the co-ordinator to know the location. I dint get the site ID as he was not a techie guy, I needed to wait till the morning. Though it was quiet clear that I need to leave home early in the morning @ 7AM.It was a tough challenge,I left my place by time & was waiting in Airport- finally received the call & get to know that its AIRTEL 4g site. A vehicle appeared just by time & it helped me to be at the spot. It was some Durganagar placeĀ  near Dumdum Cant.image

our team consisted of two engineers(including me), four riggers & their team leader.the riggers were sleek & very thin , i was even in some doubt whether are they able to work or not. but my conception tuned into wrong when one them climbed the tower with ease, just like a thin monkey. Afterwards I heard some of them that he got a skill card, after further asking got to know that its a special type of card that identifies the particular candidate that he had some special climbing skills except than others, I was amused with his performances.image

This team’s assignment was quality management, they were just enough busy with the quality of works- how the feeders cable should be grouped,labeling works so that other vendors who would come here later they could get necessary information easier. It was a macro site & RTT- whenever the vendors could not manage enough space in the ground, they prefer to erect a tower on the roof tops.image

Generally I had heard earlier that sometimes situation becomes like key to the BTS kept to other parties, who resides some other places & therefore its needed to generate a docket to get the keys, after that grabbing the keys from the third party from a far distance it becomes hectic than the after works in site.image

The lunch time reminded us that we should take a break & to search for foods. But I was surprised as their were no such hotels or local foods store, so we made ourselves happy by feeding with some sweets. Bread, sweet dahi, rosgolla -these were my lunch. I dont know may be in near future I might go to some desert like places where I would not able to get foods for two days atleast- I heard some stories from Mr. Faiz.


After the lunch it was some remaining works only which the team managed to finish soon. Then it was me who was waiting for a train in the railway station – making summary of the whole days work.

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