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Solved windows kernel-power event 41

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By Tanmoy Biswas

You’re in a severe fight in your pc & suddenly a call arrived at your phone.

“Shit I got a call in my smartphone, but am in a game now!” you left that call unanswered.

This situation talks about how passionate gamer you are actually & at that moment if suddenly your pc freezes , shutdowns or restarts how violent you could be just imagine.

I am a serious gamer , & a big fan of Mount & Blade Warband- a game by the teleworlds team, and from last couples of 1 year i was facing a problem – some “windows kernel power event 41” . so can you figure out what I’m actually talking about?

Yes this is the most talked about issues with windows operating systems in Google, but seriously I never found a proper answer even if I’ve submitted the whole dump files to the microsoft community.

Some people told me its just for poor graphics card issue, some told your card is broken, some told RAM is low (I installed some more RAM again ) , but truly it was not fruitful.

Finally I’ve figured out its just some outdated driver issues. You cant actually manually update all the drivers, as I did that too, but it was not done. So my suggestion is just use some advanced driver updater which will scan your system & would tell you what drivers should be updated, you need to just update-as simple as that.

Today am attaching here the cracked version of that tool, you just need to install it & update your system. (No worries about malware , I have no intentions like that. ) . Just use this tips & let me know if your problem is solved.

Download from here.

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