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Some personal understandings with Whatsapp messenger


henever I had listened this, “are you in whatsapp?” My reaction, “no man! Why whatsapp? Why cant you think of another platform which is much smarter?” I’m always a die heart Line Messenger supporter, may be that sounds juvenile, but I had my own reasons & thoughts. But after coming to bangalore this situation is becoming neutralized.

I had always some issues with Whatsapp messenger, this messenger always came into a lower priority list as I have found its of no use except the text messages, I m leaving the contexts of those persons who are already in whatsapp, but who are the late consumers, they had choice to be into line/ viber etc , they are providing more features which are obviously some smart features, like voice call, video call , even stickers (some people may think its funny to run after stickers, but I must say even the elders , they love to express themselves in stickers); but people they always try to be in there comfort zone, they never search for the other alternatives. Its a real problem, if everybody tries to be in his comfort zone, then there would be no separate thoughts beyond the mainstream.

After coming to Bangalore, i found people here are really smart, even some of auto-rickshaw drivers use whatsapp, some laundry guy he gave me his id to ping him in whatsapp whenever I would need a wash. Lol. I met with the Nizerian guys here, they all are into whatsapp. Even the professional trainers i met here, I got their prompts to communicate with them via Whatsapp messenger . So now it seems that one extra application is going to be permanent in my used android application basket. Even with the indian guys I met here during my training, they are into this Facebook owned messenger. Though I dont wanna use this poor application, but I’m helpless I think.



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