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Stepping over spectacles- Myopians morning story

Life without a spectacle is painful, really painful atleast for a Myopian. I am a short sighted person, without glass the entire world just like a normal video, But it can never cross the jovial experience of watching a 1080p true HD video, what I generally assume with my glasses on.

While in bed, keeping aside the specs near my head is the best & possibly safe place, but in Asansol no bed I m having- laying in ground & putting the glass anywhere on floor ensures risks of specs to be broken  in the morning.


This morning I had a deep sleep till 8:30 AM, and i was supposed to be late in office,so I didnot have any intentions to wake up. Suddenly my room owner summoned me with shout or panick (I dont know really what are those feelings possessed by elder women). I was drowsy, sparang out of bed, with an unstable movement out of dizziness I steeped over my specs- just a tiny sound. I looked down & found the glasses in some bent, deformed structure. Shit! I already had made this type of incidenta eariler, so following my proud activities, I made up stand by glasses in case of any emergency- But I am far away from home. I dodnot bring any spare glasses. I just considered it a bad morning incident.

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