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When readers met writers- Team Backpack

Being an Internet user as well as blogger, I’m in touch with hundreds of other blogger (well I think I’m lucky to have this), took inspirations , new ideas, share mutual thoughts. well this is kind of sharing experiences. And I love these things, because I am always liberal & I like to learn things till my life ends,

Wellington – a quick peer coming out of routine

Wellington, a place generally famous for its cheap winter garments. Yes, in kolkata you can get some budget friendly jackets, caps, leather jackets, sweaters, though product quality is subject to owner’s choice & solely upon his decision. Prices vary from people to people, You would be offered always some hiked price &

Whats inside couldnot be seen from surrounding

Time is very fast now a days, I just can feel how I joined Steelman Telecom Pvt Ltd for Idea 3G project & already 3 months have been passed. The project pressure is always been increasing, I just want to figure out how or in which way I would be able to get some comfort level atleast for me,

Time to say ‘Good Bye! kolkata’ again

Kolkata! Lets make a whisper “GoodBye” from the deepest core of my heart.

The final bell was rung just before 1 week ago, & it was just a gap of more than 2days, I will be in a different region, a different state, different culture, different people, even different work culture.

On top of a lorry to sodepur

In kolkata, I guess the most & strong reason why anyone doesnot want to stay is the transport system & the mode of communication isnot so distributed- the workload is unbalanced. Like for the morning time, all people moving towards a particular area & for the night they are moving towards the opposite direction and this is same to each people –

Water-trapped in Bansdroni while taking drive test

Just before 2-3 week ago we were all crying for some drops of rain, but suddenly dear God had listened to prayers & now its loads of showering. the entire kolkata is victim of this heavy rain fall, I had some water accumulation in my territory from where it seemed to be very tough to reach office,

Running away from sun

Running away from sun #summer #kolkata #sun #shelter #heat #hotwaves #loo

The trememdous heat now a days became a big problem of mine. Generally the hot waves making most of the issue to skins. I’m already gifted with some itching problems.
My todays plan was to Bhadreswar ,where some BU complaints need to resolve by physical optimization.