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Sharing a professional update should not be any reason of annoyance


n professional & personal life everyone is earning some experience with his company / work cultures. Then whats wrong with some one if some one likes to share some latest / trending news about his work . I really dont know why so many people was seeking some issues with the facts if I share some JIO latest news (the current hot topic in now a days market) on social network.

Tool driven automated system – gradually approaching in Indian Telecom industry

Technology is making us idle & less prone to work – I stated this earlier already, now again facing the most obvious cases out of it. Earlier people really tried hard to make something manually, then one by one testing its each segments, then finally experiencing that. But this age is not for testing or building something manually.

Its simply wow – Carrom Tournament in office

A little enjoyment inside a loop of pressure is something very acceptable –that’s what happened this day- An intra JC carrom tournament. Basically this vibe emerged from the recent football league happened in CCFC premier league, where Team Reliance JIO played with outstanding performance.

our JCM (Jio center manager) that’s why was continuously encouraging us for some activity out of work,