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Call drops due to low signal level demo in Net-Monitor

I’ve Technically the reason why your Call drop happens in GSM, is already explained in another post, today I’m gonna introduce a free application which will bring interest to you.

This screen shot was taken from the Net Monitor application on android platform.

An interesting application on android platform which let u think like an RF Engineer. You’ll get to know about the RF scenario around you ( I mean for your handset’s networks).You’ll understand :

  • where is your serving cell how far from you.
  • where are the neighbor cells.
  • when its taking handover.
  • how much signal strength its actually providing you.
  • GPS infos/ geo-locations.
  • Generate database with custom info on cells.
  • Export logs to KML/CLF files.


When you’re using dual sim phone, in best cases, it considers SIM 1’s network scenarios.

Download the Net Monitor app from play store.

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