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Telecom Profession vS Job satisfaction

When it was the 2nd week of internship in ZTE Telecom kolkata, i was so confused by so many zte employes, as if I had made a big mistake chosing the Telecom domain as my profession. I got really confused for their acts,which nowdays getting cleared & I’m getting a wider view of my future prospects.

Truly to say these are some people always found in each job sectors who actually dont have any ambition, no desire to grow & do something better, smarter. they have no intention as well as interest in their own growth as well as their ambitions. Truly to say they re just running after wealth,money but practically thats without their labour. They had made Telecom fields like a government office. But what matters in most of people is the actual scenes of Telecom. there are so many employees who are dedicated,passionate to work. they had poured their lives into project works which run 24*7 basis. They are restless,they only take Sunday as leave- they maintain their deadline.

In telecom people had to make experience in their domain after that they re only eligible to grow,because a single mistake can make a loss to minimum some lacs rupees per hour to a Telecom vendor. so getting experience & knowledge is a must before you ensure a job. & opportunity doesnot come each day so you have to equip yourself for the best performance.

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