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Time pass activity

Time always isnot so much loaded with work,sometimes we need to manage some time from the scheduled process for ourselves- as to gain some relaxation being stressed with pressure or physical labour.
In gaps I love to take snaps & pictures of different objects,color shades & textures. These are some of those instances.

Past time spends in srerrampore #TelecomEngineer #pastime

This photo is captured in Shreerampore in a shiny,bright day -lots of sun heats.we decided to stay under some tree shades & had a nice nap.

Naihati greenary view #TelecomEngineer #Naihati #RF

This photo was captured in Naihati from a roof top of a site,mainly I preferred the greenary shades from top .

Avani Mall #avaniMall #TelecomEngineer

Some different object than the earlier twos. Its of Avani Mall,Howrah. Due to some RF survey activity of that mall.

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