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Time to say ‘Good Bye! kolkata’ again

Kolkata! Lets make a whisper “GoodBye” from the deepest core of my heart.

The final bell was rung just before 1 week ago, & it was just a gap of more than 2days, I will be in a different region, a different state, different culture, different people, even different work culture. Just a little bit nostalgic- I guess every kolkata inhabitant always think just like the way I am, before leaving his city, My family,friends & loved ones -I would miss them , I know they would do as well, but this feeling is different from the last time of Bangalore travel. because that was Bangalore- a Hi-Tech city, I knew I would be safe in that modernized & improvised city, but would that be in North East India?

I guess NO! North East India is obviously a place for its disturbance, politically & naturally, only via a single chord line is connected with India by Shiliguri-Darjiling. transport system is not smooth, even the foods would not as cheap as Dear kolkata. Moreover life is painful- too much physical labor for an RF Engineer. But I determined whatever is there, lets face it, atleast some kind of new experience & obviously this act could quench my ultimate adventure thirst.

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