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Today I was called an Electrician by a native – a big achivement

By Tanmoy Biswas

place: Barrackpore, time: 12pm.

random man: what you guys are doing here?
me: we’re Telecom personnels here working for Airtel 4G.

him: what you actually do?

me: our work incorporates everything from tower(non tech term) to switching centers. power issues,signal issues etc

<I think he took the power issue word more seriously>
him: (with a deep breath) “oh so you re electricians?? You could better speak of those. ”
me: -_-

This incident happened with people actually dont have the enough knowledge of the broader areas where engineering works are stretched. I think he was  a very simple man, I didnt get angry at him rather took this issue just casually, it was a fun to meet different types of people everyday, I love that thing.

Todays site was in Barrackpore , & it was again some quality management work, but it was consisted with some bengali boys, so it was fun while working with hearing local native slangs by them. I found the main difference today from the yesterday it was a RSU site, where the RRU s were in BTS. the team was good, they worked with care & they were tech guys. I felt proud that people are working with sense & care – they love their works. I just returned home with a sweet memory that I got a short title today- “ELECTRIC MISTRI” (an electrician) .

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