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Water-trapped in Bansdroni while taking drive test

Just before 2-3 week ago we were all crying for some drops of rain, but suddenly dear God had listened to prayers & now its loads of showering. the entire kolkata is victim of this heavy rain fall, I had some water accumulation in my territory from where it seemed to be very tough to reach office, but finally it was victory of will power & obviously as I had fixed some major plans with CSM of Central area for some urgent activity,it was my responsibility to appear near central, early in the morning, even if it was raining.

That part was solved quite easily, my driver appeared late around 11Am, though it was not his mistake, thats his basic instinct to appear late & talking about street jam & traffic conditions, so I better skip those parts. my 2nd major responsibility for today was making drive test on roads near Bansdroni area , it was a cluster drive for 8 GSM sites, & I was determined that I need to do this at any cost.

Continuous raining for kolkata #rain #kolkata

I started off to Bansdroni, before that had a visit to college street to buy some bond paper for my boss. It didnot take much time after we had lunch session near Golpark, to reach Bansdroni. I started my job & completed 4sites comfortably, but problem started from that point- each of those surrounding roads near the sites were clogged badly with rain water- I just watched those houses were just floating on water, most of the houses had water in its ground floor, so the major connecting roads were fully loaded with water, where my driver refused to take car, he was frightened may be the engine could be sieged.

Continuous raining for kolkata #rain #kolkata

Finally I completed 6 sites drive anyhow, taking some risks, but the other two were remaining- it was feeling very odd that I was unable to complete my responsibility for this day. On way back to office I made the drive reports & sent it via mail.

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