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Whats inside couldnot be seen from surrounding

Time is very fast now a days, I just can feel how I joined Steelman Telecom Pvt Ltd for Idea 3G project & already 3 months have been passed. The project pressure is always been increasing, I just want to figure out how or in which way I would be able to get some comfort level atleast for me, my family.

Like everyday I got some drive test plan for this day. Oh I forgot to mention that todays drive test plans were kind of re-drive. i.e SCFT plans were already executed in those sites but the outputs did not meet with Idea requirements. so I was told to take the drives. There was a site near Bhadreswar station, where I was told to take drive in the main lobe. Unfortunately there was no route for thr main lobes about which I already informed the concerned persons . But maybe the did not grant those statements. so Lets present some amazing photos which I captured during the journey.

Main lobe drive test #rf #drivetest #telecom #idea #3g

Main lobe drive test #rf #drivetest #telecom #idea #3g

Main lobe drive test #rf #drivetest #telecom #idea #3g

And theres the dead end Pond. I guess my operator wants me to have dives in water.

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