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When Fitness really matters to you !

Fitness / Smartbands – these cool gadgets are now a days very trendy & fashionable , its not only for some fashion purpose, but I believe people using these gadgets now a days world wide, as the importance for fitness is well understood. Standing on the verge of 20th century our generation has learned how to live upon fast foods, i.e we everyday consuming unbalanced calories, which not only making you fat , but it enhances your aging rapidly, thats the reason why you should have a balanced diet. But these words are not enough, because we rely on tongue twists, neglecting helpful theories.

For me the situation was like that. I was gradually having weight, finally when I understood that its pretty bulky I’m, then I realised “Nay, its time for some serious job.” Its the birth time of that epoch-making idea of burning your calories.  No I didnt take a Gym class- thats a matter of time & money. So my first approach was doing something of my own, taking lessons online & implementing with my free times. I find out one trending app which is quite popular over the globe, but dont know why not people using it in my friends circle (may be , they had never searched for something for they’re too slim to think this type of). Well, Laides & Gentleman the app is nothing but ENDOMONDO.

This app doesnot require any add-ons, just install it in your smartphone.  No smart band, heart beat monitor this type of gadgets permission it needs. It can calculate your burnt calories, location information based on your activity for different situations, like:


– Track your running, walking, cycling, and 40+ other sports using GPS
– See duration, speed, distance, calories, and more on your workout summary
– Get audio feedback on distance and pace for every mile/km
– Log your indoor workouts manually
– Track your heart rate (works with Bluetooth heart rate monitors)

– Keep a full training log
– See how much you train each day



Here, today I cycled around 20 KMs , & got a detailed, statistical output from ENDOMONDO.

The bi-cycle ride around my locality was pretty cool, though due to the poor road conditions & random speed breakers within 200 meters, my average speed was not worthy, but still if you’ve a sportsman spirit, I must tell you will like to have this application, & feel the urge for physical exercises.You’ll came to know all the stats about your activities- when it was the topmost speed, how was the progress. A bit tech-savvy right?

Here is the Download link from play store . & Join me there, lets have a challenge.

Finally, I guessed you’ll motivated for fitness & exercise values keeping in mind about the nutrition values of foods. Keep yourself energetic & stay healthy. This app can be your companion. Stay safe & stay tuned.

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