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when i got Baiju Dharamjan’s touch

Its nothing wrong if i start flirting or things with girls, people took this kinds of things very casually (am not telling you to be a gay!! ) but rather if you make your appearance kind of a metalhead , like with bushes of hairs and gotee normal people start to behave with a strange way. as if they have faced some of the aliens from distant planets, in other words they cant make this kinds of things very normally. Very rare parents are here who readily accept this fact “yes i want my son/daughter will be a musician!” this is a simple bengali  funda you know. after long days listened motherjane-mindstreet from the albun insane biography . and surprisingly it made me warmed up . i made a tweet in twitter telling that am really very much proud to have such a band “Motherjane” in India. Motherjane isnt only a progressive band from india rather its the very band who gained the honour to be the Asia’s best band for consecutively 2 years . i suggested lots of my foreign frnds who are making music ,to listen Motherjane. They said its amazing. Guitar playing techniques made them spell bound.

At the afternoon while i was out from the college and tried to check my twitter , i found Sir Baiju Dharamjan himself favorited that tweet. Yeah, i was really surprised that this great person give me this honour to make my tweet one of his favorites. this is really a big achivement being a musician or music lover whatever you can say.

people called this publicity stunt, but you know whenever you are a big fan of some one, if he would touch you then you got the special feeling of outbursting your emotion out of excitement. and hence nothing of publicity, because i dont like publicity any more. Its really cool to stay cool.

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