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Working as a part of Firefox

From yesterday working for Mozilla Firefox. Its the help and support team throughout the world. Am a Firefox lover and supporter from my early days when i started to know what internet is. So a deep respect and love for the brand. not only that before this i participated lots of contests organized online by the Firefox team. So this was a grand gift to me to have the opportunity to work with Mozilla Firefox. The team is not only a browser, rather i will say that this is a family who always obsessed with the work to serve their customers throughout the world.


Its a wrong notion that Firefox competes with chrome but thats not made by Firefox rather some people.
Attend a lot of queries, problems related to Firefox using and browsing and i did my best to solve the questions. Most of the problems are related to slow browsing experience, crash reports, flash failure. Some of the problems were regarding to browser page width fitness. Whatever i supplied 178 solve to 178 individual customers all over the world and those people were really gentle, they never showed a simple attitude while am attending their queries. Rather gave me lots of big thanks. I found a big difference between my country and the other countries. The people here are not this type of. In this same issue i can imagine how the case can be.

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