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A sleeper class train journey with luck


consider myself as a person who loves to take legal & honest means for daily purposes. Buying tickets isnt an exceptional.Traveling without a valid ticket is an offense as well as burden to mental level. Generally passengers like me are educated & are supposed to have tickets always. But sometimes situations go really worse when time management bounds you to take an one-sided decision.

As you already know, for its Monday, my scheduled train is Asansol Dhanbad Black Diamond superfast passenger at around 6:40 AM. But due to heavy rain, I was late (the ferry service was interrupted in between Sheoraphulli & Barrackpore two-poisa ghat). But from today, A city drive is scheduled to happen, for this unavoided circumstance, I need to attend office anyhow. When I reached Sheoraphulli station, already Black Diamond superfast passenger had left. so I didnot purchase the ticket from Sheoraphulli station. At that moment, there was no option other than taking a risk to Howrah station (Howrah Jaisalmer Express was still a chance at 8:15 AM). I didnot make a second mind & boarded the local train towards Howrah station around 7:30 AM. Now it was a real challenge to reach Howrah station before 8:15 AM. Keeping the former pride & heritage of local train time table the train boarded to Howrah just before 3minutes to 8:15 AM. One of my co-worker was waiting in Howrah- Jaisalmer Exp, general compartment, & I was pretty sure of having a decent seat there but who would know this 3minutes would be too costly to reach to the desired compartment, as reaching from platform no. 6 to platform no. 12, surpassing the rush in Howrah station was too difficult. The ticket purchase event from Howrah station remained in cart with a forever wishlist option which would never see the face of transaction, as I understood.  My beloved worker also had chosen the perfect berth which was located to the extreme end of platform.

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I peered at the time table & no wonder it was the threshold. I kept my running & one by one crossed the front GS, AC compartments. Now suddenly I got extreme panicked as the train began to move – yes atleast I thought may be it could make a delay of 5 minutes. Following this adverse condition, ist think came to my mind was to board the train anyhow. My muscles got stiffed due to this continuous run with some KGs of weight on my back , I opted a final move & steeped into sleeper coach. As the train was moving at a casual speed there’s no point to leave, on other hand I dont have a decent ticket to travel with this train. so a TTE can be a GOD or Devil for me. It was everything dependent upon him. I asked my co-worker for any remedies, & below are the suggestions I got:-

You need to hide in bathroom whenever TTE is nearby.
Pay the Penalty & take a selfie with him, post it to the JIO Whatsapp Group.
If I dont carry much cash, then pay the fine with JIO Money..

Anyway, enough fun for that time. Already the TTE crossed through my coach, may be a checking from the further end. I was continously loitering around the passage agitatedly & my condition was understandable to some passengers I guessed.
Finally that moment came. The black coat man was checking others tickets opposite to my seat. I was just seated with a face of pity, sympathy & still was mumbling my final quote. Atlast that historic moment appeared. The mid-age bengali gentleman turned to me & asked ticket. I put on an image of honesty – told him that I dont have reservation ticket, rather general class ticket, Also my reason to board in sleeper as the train began to accelerate. He suddenly asked with little surprise where would I go. Hearing Asansol as the answer, he didnot react, rather suggested me to change the coach when train would reach to next stop in Durgapur. Neither he behaved rude nor he asked to display my general class ticket. I felt extremely blessed.

My request to all pls buy tickets always before any rides. My situation was an exceptional case today & dont follow this way, because always luck wouldnot stand by you.




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