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Short guide to Black Diamond superfast passenger – General compartment

Hello dear viewers, I was in a little turbulance which snatched some time for my blogging, finally its restored. Hopefully you’re all fine. Today I’m sharing a train journey experience of mine.

Due to my job in Reliance JIO now a days I’m owning a schedule like spending the sunday in home (kolkata) then joining office in asansol. so If you are required to join office you must board a train at the earliest – at dawn.  I just do that perfectly – Howrah Dhanbad Black Diamond superfast passenger is just an ideal train for these type of people who wanna join office, located in outskirts of main city.

The scheduled arrival of this train is around 6:40 AM in Sheoraphully Station, there’s countless demand for Black diamond superfast passenger. people just blindly are dependent on it , & if you miss this train , you just take it for granted that you’ll not be able to reach office timely. Its your absence.When the train approaches to station, it brings additionally an amazing excitement to the passengers mental state. Ok so till now I have just illustrated the overview and background of the train which depicts the actual importance of a daily running train for a metro city in Indian subcontinent. Now let’s have a look whats inside the train.

Black Diamond super fast passenger is basically a lobby place for the daily passengers. Each general compartment you are seeking for a seat, definitely you will be informed each time that  the seat is already booked/ occupied and the owner is just near by or possibly in toilet. Haha pretty cheap logic. Believe he’ll not return from toilet in next 30 minutes, probably he might have a bad health 😛  Then you will be trying to find seats being more agitated , after further forwards, you will be the victim to listen the same words you heard previously. But what the actual scenario is like – every person you are asking for seat , is actually holding an extra sit for his colleague/ friend, who is not even in the train, may be in his own bed, is about to wake up from his sleeping state, keeping in mind that he’d board the train after 40 minutes. Or maybe he would board this train after 1 hour of journey, from any incoming station. So finally you are becoming a person who doesn’t even know about the current situation and possibly would travel to Dhanbad standing on your feet. You cannot even argue with those people as they all are in group, daily passengers.

Frankly speaking I was one of those victims for the first week but immediately after that I understood the whole scene and tried to make a relation with some of the daily passengers by involving into their conversation. And this was not so tough. From the next week onwards whenever I was passing through their compartment they invited me to sit with them.

So this is the General compartment rules & regulation. Read it before using the product at your own risk. Keep visiting, & also share if you’ve any experience of traveling in general compartment.

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