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An episode with noodles


o be very frank, I’m or was never a serious fan of noodles. still sometimes, when its unavailability of some other replacement or out of laziness I prefer to have noodles. But these cup noodles are becoming an integral part of my life. Lol. It sounds so unreal I know, but actually its happening with me.

After becoming a part of JIO family, I was posted in Asansol city. But the office location is as horrible as much you can imagine. There are no proper kitchen is here, although having a pantry room is to be considered as a jackpot. so here lies no point of argument. My other co-workers they’re settled around the city or simply they had shifted their family members to this city to avoid difficulties with living.  So, when its lunch time they used to gather in pantry with their well decorated lunch box, fill up to the top level with different type of foods.

It becomes the most painful time for me when no remaining options are found as alternative. There is a

An episode with noodles

An episode with noodles

market of Reliance just at the bottom of our office which usually is stocked with various types of goods – starting from vegetables, garments, dry foods, rice, seeds etc . I just love to handpick a cup noodle among all those materials. The one & only item which can be finished with little efforts.  Just adding some hot water to this cup does it all . Leave the cup for 3-5 minutes & yummy noodle ( Not so much, if you’re extreme hungry, only then you can feel the extent of deliciousness.) Basically it contains raw noodle sticks, chopped vegetable slices, spices – so you can easily figure it out how much hygienic is this. But when its a case of starvation, I know you’ll also adopt the same policy. Though you can easily argue why I’m not attempting to cook in room – very frankly I’m not a skilled cook, secondly, to prepare foods in room would cost more time – time for cooking, shopping etc; where I believe personally, I spend 12+ hours in office. Pretty hard times.

As there’s no local transport towards my office, finding a hotel nearby yields walking by foot for some 2 Kilometers , which sometimes seemed to be impossible following the weather conditions. But with an optimistic view if some arrangement could be done with transportation, then some decent foods are available within 3-4 kilometers in proper town.

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