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Back to memory lane- Ahiritola Ghat

When ever this event planning is made, my heart just springs from its normal state. Core committee meet is very special thing to every one of this group. Though the college days has been completed, everyone is busy individually for their own work schedules, still managing a short 3-4 hour period out of the whole day of weekend is not a big deal & we make this type of plan in a very short notice thats why.

we always had believed the internal relation is the building block of our bonds , of this group. May be always each member is not present among us but whenever the opportunity rises, generally no one wants to miss that golden one.

Core committee hangout in Ahiritola ghat

Core committee Hangout

Core committee Hangout

core commiittee hangout -Ahiritola

The day was very sunny, sun was in its full energy & we met around 2PM, so we decided to relax sitting in the Sun holding own umbrellas, this seemed so much funny. Dry foods like Laddoo, sweets & a 2litre mineral water bottle this was today’s whole asset, so there was no break literally within gossips & our chitchats was carried out uninterruptedly till the extreme point where we believed finally that we could not continue here sitting in the heat, so we were seeking for a shadowed place & we made a place ideal for this purpose by placing some old newspaper which we carried with us. we missed our dear friend Buffalo (Souradeep) in this hangout for the absence of his extraordinary Shaktimaan series making capabilities.

core commiittee hangout -Ahiritola

core commiittee hangout -Ahiritola

core commiittee hangout -Ahiritola

Today Kasab was in his full form, though as expected he left us within 5PM, sharing some same excuse like he has some other important things to do , just like college days. πŸ˜›


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2 Responses
  • soumyadipta
    July 19, 2015

    wonderful explanation of a day of togetherness.
    continue with this endless story of us…..
    core committee \m/

      July 19, 2015

      Thank you bro . nothing is more important than this warmth of togetherness. love u & love core committee \m/

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