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Its simply wow – Carrom Tournament in office

A little enjoyment inside a loop of pressure is something very acceptable –that’s what happened this day- An intra JC carrom tournament. Basically this vibe emerged from the recent football league happened in CCFC premier league, where Team Reliance JIO played with outstanding performance.

our JCM (Jio center manager) that’s why was continuously encouraging us for some activity out of work, because we were feeling as BOTs , some computer based programs, where only work as per principle, no excitement. So keeping up this encouragement finally we ended up forming this tournament.

Every event needs some time for arrangement, so here, it was done before 1 day, the team lists, lottery all were fixed –  team formed with picking up random member’s names. Now, a formal Email invite came to us for joining & participation purpose – a quote was estimated & shared amount for individual were distributed over email. The next morning, I found lots of enthusiast faces with boosted energy – appeared early in the morning for this competition , this reminded me of the facts how people in telecom generally feels in office or work times. people usually come either late or with some ready-made excuses to overcome the gaps they had formed, but this day was something different. ok, so it supposed to get a big like button from my end. 😀

At around 2’o clock, the carrom board was brought with prizes, trophies. So, now it was the time for the countdown to begin – it was like a queue , people gathering one by one for some practise. some were randomly hitting striker, somebody was giving postures for different types of strokes, practising expressions 😀 Generally I didnot play much carrom in college days, but I recapitulate it was those golden school days, when I supposed to have a carrom board of our own at home, where we family members were about to play carrom anytime, for no reason. That was definitely a bright time, & I learned carrom then . After that I hitted some counted strokes in college days, and I give my credits to my friend Soumyadipta who often pushed us to carrom board. Thanks bro.

After so many practises, people were enough confident that they can win matches . It’s funny for some people, which people cannot learn or play in his entire life time , he gained it within an hour of practise, they are called JIO people xD

around 5PM, match began, the excitement bursted out by expression. one by one 2-3 boards were finished. It was either one team was playing very good, other very bad or both teams were playing like aces. But the exception happened when our team hit the board. My team & opponent both were weak players, neither strong nor moderate. so it was not actually a carrom match, It was a patience test for audience as well as us . Finally the board was ended with a duration hit of 52 minutes. Enough patience! But the story will remain forever as a glory from my end .

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