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Focus & simplicity should be Myntra of Life


ife Mantra – focus & simplicity.  Yes I believe in these two things in life. Focus is something which you need to add to your character traits, if you’re a goal seeking person, you hold some dreams or target in life to conquer them. You can achieve nothing without focus. Even you get something without struggle or dreaming of targeting it, you’ll never feel the taste of joy, taste of win or even the real value of the success what have you got. So, this one of those most vital things I consider in my character traits.


You know simplicity is something which comes from the grass root, even it takes you to the grass root of civilization. No one can ever teach you to be simple. No I’m not meaning it that being simple is like being poor or under privileged. Even you can stay high in your morale, staying simple. What matters most is your motivation, your purpose of life, what makes you happy. But often it has been found in human history that whenever people have started to leave simplicity they forgot the basics, the fundamental truths of life. They have chased materialistic world & finally acquired lots of expectations, complexity and finally unhappy.  So, my thought is very simple – simple living high thinking.  Because once a very wise man have said that one is called a gentle man by his thoughts, characters but not by his appearance or outlook.  No, I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings or decision, obviously this is a personal choice of anyone. I’m just sharing my views whatever I usually feel. Even I wrote an article couple of months ago about my decision to start as a solo traveler life rather than outing in group.


lifestyle of mountain people

Simple , basic lifestyle of mountain people -sounds more meaningful .


That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move to the ground of people.

When I travel in the mountains I witness these simple lives, their simple life styles, yes those catch my attention more often than those ultra highly fashionable life style. I find my joy in these gradual flow of lives. These mountain people used to walk a lot of kilometers each day in these hilly billy up-down roads with their horses, donkeys. These are the only substances which keep them alive. There’s no motor able roads, no cars. People used to rely on their domestic animals to carry foods, stuffs from one place to another place. I’ve witnessed such hard working mountain people who used to start their walk at the very early in the morning & they traversed a full down hill distance to the nearby market. After loading their animals with foods, goods, – again it was the reverse journey to the up hills. The whole way was usually covered on feet. It was the evening finally when they were back to home.


Simply their simple lifestyle, struggles are breath taking which cant be imagined by people living in the plains. I hope I’m able to draw your kind attention to my point. Agree or disagree whatever could be your decision, but it worths a discussion obviously, a friendly I must say. 😀 Write down your valuable opinions related to this.



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