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Getting lost into the darkness – Singlila National Forest



t was the darkest hours in Singlila National Forest. Though we were in the safe zone, basically there are things for which you need to take safety measures. But if you’re not far away from the locality, village or human presence, then probably you’re safe. You dont need to worry about the things much, even its darkness around you.


We people were roaming around the Gorkhey village and you can guess whenever these young, energetic engineers are in a place together, they try to mix all of their thoughts together in finding of adventure.


Though its always a suggestion don’t ever try to experiment fool things, if you really dont know or have anyone experienced people with you, whenever you’re in places like Singlila National forest, which is a natural abode of thousands of wild species.


Getting lost into darkness - singlila national forest


We didnot carry out much experimental things, but that darkness into the deepest part of the jungle that had something mesmerizing, some unknown affinity, a very strong natural power which can attract anybody to its unknown destination towards infinity. If you’re a wanderlust, high chances of getting lost into the serenity. You would just keep walking & walking, the more you’d walk the more you would click & there would be more chances of forgetting about your surroundings, the diminishing lights.


We almost spent 1-1.5 hours time in a particular place in experiments with light. It was an amazing experience. I’d like to know if you have ever been into such places where getting lost is too easy, please feel free to tell your story.



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