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How I took decision to change my food habit


ear friends, I’ve already shared much posts about my lifestyle being a Telecommunication Engineer, where my daily activities, food habits, refreshment types I had shared earlier. Today this post is regarding some food habit enhancement process.


Mainly, since I had posted to Asansol, my food habit has came down to a pathetic level, as you people can understand, a person’s personal life can be significantly interrupted if he becomes too much occupied with his professional life / duties. So taking that in mind, you must consider that I probably rely on fast foods much. Yes thats true but partially, basically when you’ve enough times to have your lunch/ dinner, you can easily spend few minutes to buy it. But if your location is in a NOMAN’S LAND & in case of availability of time, you need to stay hungry & starved for the day. I already had shared this condition earlier.


So, basically after getting habituated with this illness, I became a patient of Jaundice ( severe condition). Whatever I used to swallow, it immediately tended me to vomit; besides my appetite was becoming less day by day, also other digestion related issue. I applied for leave & returned home. After diagnosis my jaundice was confirmed & took a long break from my professional life.


No doubt, it was a pretty boring time for a person like me who usually keeps himself engaged  most of the time. so after my return, I decided to move in to a regular & happy diet plan.

Cooking time in asansol – preparing food.


My room mate already had changed his food habit, he was carrying an induction oven & this brought a drastic change in our lifestyle. I mean, what we used to think earlier, is now a days just in contrast with the present situation. On way back to room, we’re having visits to market for vegetables, stationary items. Even, there’s no burden with time. we can choose our time wisely, independently & moreover no restriction for menu – go with your desire, just look into your basket before preparation.


Frying veggies at room

Thus our lifestyle just got a new shape, after coming back from office we two guys spend two hours in preparation of food, which is no doubt a great venture. I mean you can’t imagine the feeling when you’re getting some fresh curries, rice after the whole day’s office, even that is in your budget also. and for this purpose you dont need to be a great chef. Just cook simple what you generally eat at your home. I mean may be some simple curry, fried vegetables, daal (pulses) etc. We people use potatoes, onions, okra, cowpeas mostly in cooking.


So, after all these discussions, its my earnest request to all those telecom personnel or non-telecom professionals who’re staying out of your home & having unhealthy diets just because of lack of time, please dont do so. At least do some favor for your own sake, after all its your health which would be broken down & no one will be responsible for your situation except you. So, take a lesson from my experience & start exploring your inner cooking talent. All the best.
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  • Main Teri Girlfriend
    June 3, 2017

    Happy to see this change in you! This shows your increasing maturity level. Well done!

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