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Icy zero point trip in June

Tanmoy Biswas- North sikkim forever ice sheet in month of June

North sikkim forever ice sheet in month of June

In the month of june, I never expected there would be some ice in any land, because in my city its tremendous heat & shower altogether, & it would be so much of luck if we found some ice patches anywhere in sikkim- we considered that before the trip.But it was become so much fun after gathering towards zero point.

Truly to say except the road trip to sikkim I found nothing much exciting in June, everywhere some green patches & having some adventurous instinct within me I was feeling lacking inspiration for North sikkim, my driver also was discouraging me that there would be no ice until zero point- still lacking chances, that made us again restless. But fortunately we found ice patches in zero point, before heading into icy hills were seen from further horizon, driver was preaching that beyond that horizon its China.

Finally we stopped the car near a Ice spot, where hundreds of car just like us halted temporarily . I found some hundreds of tourist were playing with ice there. They are all ice thirsty.

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