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Ist day spent in Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh)

My bus arrived at Itanagar at almost 7AM, a little bit of delay than expectation– as the road conditions were pathetic after the landslides in Arunachal Pradesh. Due to the whole night’s journey I felt intestinal pressure from the bus already, after the ILP (Inner line permit for Arunachal Pradesh) checking, bus took another 30 minutes to reach its destination. the place is called Naharlagun, where some of my guys were staying, I called him & manage the stay with him. As I was too fatigued for this prolonged journey took a sleep & when woke up, I found its 2:30 PM, although in between I spent some disturbing dreams.

The lodging rent for a person for a single day was 300 bucks, though I hired a share room of 2 beds. The most shocking incident came to me at the time of lunch. the food is just overpriced & below quality. The rate was as followed:

  • Veg Thali (complete veg package of rice, daal, veg curry) : 60/-
  • Fish Thali: 90/-
  • Chicken Thali : 190/-
  • Mutton Thali: 250/-

I even dont know after spending 150 bucks for chicken dish, how actually that quality, so it doesnt make any sense spending for unknown quests. somehow I managed my lunch just maintaining a safe side. As I already had my test numbers, I preferred to talk with my family, friends after that . Collected some safety tips from the locals- Need not to be in outdoor after 9PM, & better to stay in locality, safety tips are always preferred first.

At evening I liked to have a walk outside & cherished the weather, as there is no harshness of sun, the daylight is very much charming- like at 4PM, you may feel like its dawn, the sunlight is so gentle & above all the horizon is surrounded by green hills which always wear thick curtains of clouds- the blue sky is just all above the atmosphere ,singing the glory of mother nature.

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