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Kolkata roads welcoming Durgapuja


aving a stroll over the kolkata roads, just before Durgapuja is an amazing thing you can expect from any Bengali guy. The roadside banners, crowds, happy faces, preparation of pandals, shopping – these are all the good signs that the festival is here finally. Usually, I’m not a shopping freak (of course men dont like shopping). But I find my inner self with a super level of activity when its call of photography, travel etc.


Hi friends, how are you. Hope everything is working fine over there on that side of your world. I’m also doing fine. we Bengali people are expecting our very very dearest festival “Durgapuja” which is just knocking on the door. So, definitely, I’ll have some amazing time for next couple of days.


Usually I was having a lazy day & did not manage to plan anything till the lunch. Suddenly the long pending wish for having visits to Esplanade & other kolkata roads turned me on. It was not a busy weekend, so at least I expected there would be some decent amount of people & traffic as well in the roads. But my all thoughts just went wrong as soon as I hit the road. First of all the train journey was pathetic, suffocating out of rush. Then even the metro railways reminded me about the sin I have just made. Anyway, these feelings were just temporary until I met the roads. When it was around 3:30 PM, I was outside of the Esplanade metro railway station. Believe me, the usual appearance of kolkata streets (If you really own) would be vanished definitely at that moment. Thousands of people walking restlessly & hovering over shops – asking, buying, bargaining for prices for their favorite items. Even the Malls changed their bagging rules – just have entry with your sealed bags, no more baggage counter. The sun may be was kind that day, he turned around his stern, cruel face and the weather was not sunny, yet humid. Life of Kolkata police became again hard & they had placed fence, barricade to maintain the heavy rush.


The cloudy mystique kolkata before Durgapuja


It was becoming a tough work, clicking street photographs when you’re between a huge audience. Sometimes just giving space or ways to your followers, or sometimes just to utilize the interval of seconds between two clusters of rush. And if you’ve made this plan for shopping purpose, poor boy you’re. You’ll find everywhere limited stocks, either by your choice or by your desired size.


Mystique esplanade sky in kolkata, before Durga Puja


I’ve not captured much photos because of the time limitation (I took decision when  ist half of the day was already gone). Still I’d show some road conditions of kolkata here which definitely will catch your attention. And if you’re not much idle, I think you must will plan something next year just before the Durgapuja like me.

Kolkata welcomes Durga Puja with kilometre long Alpona photo credits:



Lake Road, Kolkata woke up to this wondrous sight.

Lake Road, Kolkata woke up to this wondrous sight. Photo credits:

longest alpona in kolkata. photo credits:

But this queue has an amazing effect you know, they would never feel you bored or tired. You’ll always feel like you’re on. It always will make you motivated, energetic. Its not about shopping something. But this road walking is for your inner soul. You’ll definitely feel alive after this cultural walk.

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