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One more day to go in ZTE Bangalore

By Tanmoy Biswas

Today I’m standing on the verge of a termination which impacts a lot in my life-only One day left at ZTE Bangalore. Before coming to Bangalore I was just a passed out engineer with no prior motivation ,I was so guideless. what I have found after coming here isnot only some good professional trainers , I got the industrial shelter of ZTE Telecom which is one of those 3rd largest Telecom equipment vendor in the world by its quality manufactures. I have earned experiences, I have earned my skill set to enter into my area of specialusation.
I met with lots of unknown people,I made my own contact pool , Bangalore is now in my preferred list for its people,its comfortable weathers. I met with other indians here who are really helpful & friendly.They came from various parts of India- Delhi,Pune,Bangalore,Hydrabad. we had a kickass time altogether . I met with Africans. I learnt some street languages,their practises,foods,habits & in return I made them understood my own cultures,Indians traiditions, religious practices. I need a more chapter to talk about them. ha ha.
I got a really good pg mate Jagan, he s a nice guy who helped me several mornings, to wake up. lol. I would miss them all after Monday. My internship project has been alotted to Kolkata. Its the time finally to say a GoodBye. I have only one day left at ZTE Bangalore.

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