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Sabuj Dwip- a perfect treat for your boredom


By Souradeep Das

Traveling is not about destination but about the journey itself. This days while living in ‘porobas’ (outside west Bengal) lots of frequent travels by rail road air and waterways have become a part and parcel for not only me but my group of friends. When you find Solace in travel then highway turns to be your new home and strangers become own. And then comes the winter like a fresh new curtains in your window. Traveling becomes more fun, you your surroundings becomes more photogenic with all the sounds and sights’ of the lovely nature which welcomes you to join and usher in the lovely surreality of it’s beauty.

Sabuj dwip y core committee

So there we were a place named Swabuj Dweep (Green Island) a char (Delta) in the river Hooghly. A perfect weekend gateway for some relaxing hours by the Ganges. The island is in itself a perfect natures wonder with pine oak and segun, arjun,Krishnachura, eucalyptus, akashmoni trees all around. Shading you and welcoming you to enjoy the river banks. Where every spot is your own make a spot and enjoy.


Boatride is fun #sabujdwip #corecommittee #boat #river #itssunday

After so many days away from the concrete city.  #corecommittee #green #island #weekend #itssunday

Green textures #nature #green #corecommittee #hangout #instanature

Natural Jungle #instanature #green #sabujdwip

Generation & Destruction by river #Damodar #island #tree #river #instanature

If you like to have some more fun times apart from this there are parks adjoining and boat rides by the banks. The silent breeze of the river the laughter of your friends the song of the heart and the perfect aḍḍa with your friends going long back down the memory lanes I suddenly missed my college days.

Day with Fun #fun #sabujdwip #corecommittee #hangout #nature #instanature

Its a fun day after the hectic corporate days. #instanature #instapost #green #sabujdwip #corecommittee

Power of Super Buff #instanature #green #nature #hangout #corecommittee #sabujdwip

Sun is fun when its #winter #fun #instanature #hangout #sabujdwip

With the evening sun setting fast on the river banks and the birds flocking down the river it was nostalgia all around. A day at sabuj Dweep was over before u knew it. The trip which ended up finding a new place when we got down at a unknown station in Bandel -Katowa line gifted us a perfect day which yet again became a success of our never ending thirst to find new places and explore. So come on what are you waiting for go out explore and find new place and sabuj Dweep could be your next perfect weekend gateway.

How to reach-

Board Katwa local from Sealdaha to reach somra bazar


Board any express / local train from Howrah, reach Ambika Kalna station, then have a local train from there to reach Somra Bazar station. Its just 3 stations away.

From Somra bazar hire an auto to reach Sabuj dweep. Fare approx 10 bucks. You need to book your ticket from Sabuj dwip ghat which is approx 100 bucks including the launch ride, permission.



  • If you need to carry any food/other things best option is to carry from outside, otherwise price is bit higher inside the island (You know they are in a business).
  • Theres no night accommodation arrangement in sabuj dwip, so better to hang up this type of plans inside an unknown village.
  • Boarding to puri-kamakhya express from Howrah station (7:30 AM), then Ambika Kalna & finally somra bazar , this is the plan what would bring you to sabuj deep within 11 AM.
3 Responses
  • soumyadipta
    January 11, 2016

    description is enough and compact well done souradeep

    it was really refreshing hangout place and perfect one day trip.

      January 16, 2016

      Who else wanna miss the great one Day package? say thanks to me for this plan 😉

      • Raja Banerjee
        July 5, 2018

        For general tourists it will be a good information that first ever Resort/Private Picnic spot has been operational at Sabuj Dweep area. One can feel free to contact 8017202499 (SABUJ DWEEP TOUIST POINT).

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