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Saturday delights in Penguin Dhaba

I love moments spending with my dear friends,family – That may be in some resturants with monster eater tag or time killing attitude just sitting idly, doesnot matter. But when it generally becomes some kind of lunch or dinner plan outdoors,I just sprang with excitement. If its a off day from work then why not to have some fun?

I roamed outside this saturday & Finally decided to have dinner with my younger brother. As we were playing Mount & Blade with some serious concentration, so didnot noticed the clocked ticking . Finally we rushed to Penguin Dhaba in sodepur at the last moments, around 10PM.

Dinner time in penguin Dhaba

Didnot have such plans , we just wanted some taste change, some agitation for our taste buds. so tried something this time. American chopsy , Sweet & sour chicken, Hot & sour chicken soup & some desserts. Needless to say, we enjoyed the soup to its full extent, but rather stopped by the serving of american chopsy. I just wandered they would serve us bowls with soup & noodles. Rathet they served Raw dried noodles & soup seperately in a plate. What a misery! It was just shocking.

we somehow managed to finish the 80% of the dish, in the mean time all other customers were gone, so we just packed only our chicken dish & made the bill paid & took an oath “I never will try some unknown dish here in this resturant.”

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