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Sheer innocence from Rammam, Darjiling


ccording to william Godwin “No man knows the value of innocence and integrity but he who has lost them.” who knows better than me or anyone who has experience of this modern civilization & mankind. This piece of innocence is captured in Rammam village of Darjiling district, WB. The photo capture story was  heart-melting & remarkable .


After splitting out from my team, I was wondering alone. After the night stay in Srikhola trekker hut, I was badly influenced by leg injury. So I was not so fast in the roads again. Hence took some more time than usual to reach Rammam village.


Rammam is a small village in Darjiling district, where countable Nepali families stay. I took temporary shelter there and they allowed me to have rest in their room. I was felling relaxed after stretching out legs. In between they served me hot and spicy noodles which quenched all my hunger till then.  As I felt happy, tummy-filled, my nature to explore got risen up. I assume this is one of the common character trait  I own. I found a yellow dressed child was standing at the kitchen door. He or she (I was still confused) was astonished by my presence (most possibly by my appearance with goatee, backpacks & untidy beard). So I made a hand gesture  to come out. She was bit shy or protective and firmly rejected my calling. I made one step  forward. And she within a second turned around & ran away inside the kitchen with a surprising laughter. This made me full of encouragement. I tried to capture some photos, but she was very naughty and was not convinced to allow me to take photograph of her.

Kid in Rammam, Darjiling with Desinomadz

Kid in Rammam, Darjiling

I gradually approached her inside the kitchen and offered her a bar of chocolate. Well, I carry all the way these bunch of chocolates whenever I go out for treks / solo travel. Now she was convinced & came closer to me. She was so cute and innocent that I was bound to take in my lap to adore her. I clicked some photos in between, & those were the memories I kept to the plains from the high altitudes. But from this whole story, there’re some conclusions.

Sheer innocence from Rammam, Darjiling

Conclusion : From 02 to 80 every woman loves drama & Chocolates.


Dont try this at home if you’re inside family issues, the consequences may not be always in your favor.


Share if you’ve any funny incident of convincing anyone in your life. I’ll be happy to share that to all readers of my blog.



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