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Solution department in ZTE was a super unprofessional

By Tanmoy Biswas

Last week, I was offered to work with solution department.the brief name of this department is quite meaningful: Architecture design & solution department.what it deals mainly is to provide a better solution with every problem it faces.

This department consists of some people who started to treat me oddly whenever they had heard that I’m a fresher- a bitter truth of a Fresher’s life. They started asking questions & questions which yields a same reaction & reply irrespective of the fact that I provide a wise answer or a dull answer that is “Learn son, learn, you need to study more & more.” okay! I was quite accustomed with these facts because I knew these before coming here that coming days would be more challenging to me.What I found here after coming for internship that most of the persons working here are actually not professional, they dont know how to behave professionally.

I want to draw another example of misbehave in this department, the very second day in solution department was something unexpected . I appeared at the office very early in the morning 9:20AM , i found that those solution people were still not there at their desks, I waited some time in the cafeteria-had some morning coffee. Finally found one guy finally had arrived to its destination -I wished him a good morning & sat beside him. he was talking about some casual things & we were engaged in that topic soon. suddenly I received a voice in hindi from backwards.

-“Hello hero !”

(I was not sure whom he was calling)

-“hero tumhe bol rahahu, piche dekho” (hero am calling you,turn back).

I stood up & looked back,found one person is calling me. whenever i stood up, he came aggressively & suddenly pushed my chair towards him,snatched the chair from my position on which I was sitten. I was so surprised finding such a behavior.

-“dusra chair dhund ke lao.” (look after another chair for you).

suddenly another person murmuring towards me- “sorry Shaktimaan!”

They were so unprofessional. one of those biggest surprise in this office.

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