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Telecom engineers season-wise work chart

Days have become too fast for me now, I cant breathe like before, even I had forgot to have my lunches since last two days. Only a break fast & a light dinner are my only food times.

Kudos to those riggers who mount on BTS to make our cellular connectivity smooth & simpler. #riggers #telecom #tatadocomo #bts #gsmWorking as a RF engineer is hard work , really hard – even it becomes pretty hard when its summer- the scorching heat & the sweating,annoying max humidity like condition would hinder all the positive aspects & the zeal for work. So , rather having a cold shelter is a better idea.

Your task : you've to 'chinte hobey' similar models of antennas ! ;)
The winter season! Ah! its peace, the only problem is to just get out of your bed & catch your cab , after that your activities & rapid walks,jumps would make all those things – I mean to boost you up, making you warm. So, winter is no doubt a work full time & painless obviously.

The rainy season is like “Stay apart”- the tower & the antennas must be drenched, there are higher chances of risk to electromagnetic fields, so better just keep yourself apart from the sites, & have a good nap by parking your cab to a safe zone. But at least you have to travel with raincoats / umbrellas  coming out from home towards  office- thats again another problem 😉

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