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You can never expect Quality of Life style in Indian Telecom scenario.

Life is burdened & burdened with excessive pressure. I dont want to utter any name personally but I realised slowly but steadily that I m being ill-treated everyday in the name of Project, Telecom , pressure.

Istly in every organization, there must be some project going on,other wise the employees doesnot have any work to do their. Their must be some time specific targets which the company wants to achieve,but I really wonder whether the company will achieve the target forgetting about its employees’ health,wellness,life, happiness. In every sphere or industry there are industrial ethics, HR policies to the wellness of employees, keeping in mind the safety,quality, relaxations. Because even a machine needs rest. But here we people working hours & hours from morning to night restlessly & each day we are burdened with targets. I dont know how Huawei Telecom expects people who working in field would give them outputs throughout the day from 9 Am to 9 Pm. Even now a days they want the RF persons to be present at office after their Drive Test works. This is just an splendid example to build the tensions upon the field people.

Now the scenario is like I am working continuously from last Thursday. After that Fri, Sat,Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu. Today its Fri again. I have fever from last night which made me to take rest. But the field co-ordinator surprisingly commanded me as I m taking leave today due to illness, so coming Sunday again will be an added working day for me. This is life. Just some selfless,non-Professional persons made this telecom sector cruel,pathetic & ugly.

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