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How to prepare for an adventure trip


ear friends, Its been a long time & I was not able to post something in this blog, due to some illness & time management in personal life . Though its unfortunate that I met couples of accidents in between – some health disorders also. Thank God now I’m fine . this post is related to some of those queries I got in mail. Being a blogger always my primary concern becomes to answer all those queries I used to get, but as there are lots of different areas for questions, it always becomes impossible to highlight all in a single post. I’m apologizing for that, but they are always in my mind.
While I was in Srikhola trek, I knew some basic things i need to maintain before I start off, so I started to prepare for those mandatory things from 1month before.


Its one of those major things, though I’m not a regular smoker, still that small habit can be an effective one when you’re having an adventure trip. As smoking is directly associated with your breath & lungs function, so its relevant to that total pulmonary volume of your lungs . If you’re habituated with such lifestyle that you’re tired, you just took a cigarette to have some relax & lit it up, then you must change this habit before a trek.

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In high altitude trekking, this can be even worse. Mostly all high altitude treks are on average such a height from sea level that air pressure is too low there & by acute exposure to low partial pressure of oxygen you’ll not be able to take oxygen from the atmosphere. So, here your newly adapted habit (quit smoking) may help you in this matter.



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Most of the people who are regular consumer of alcohols, they might face acute issue in adventure trips. All those healthy roly poly people out there, 70% of them are having fats because of their unhealthy diet, alcoholism. Believe me, you need to sweat out your extra fats otherwise you’ll not be able to walk some few kilometers even. Traversing the hilly steps all the way up & down with a rucksack bag of 50 Liters is not something a matter of joke. So its my advice to get rid off alcoholism if you’re a heavy drinker. P.S, If you’re an occasional drinker you can be excused.



Less appetite

In most of the trekking, choice of food or availability of meals are just rare or limited. There could be cases where you’ll not find any food sources through out the day. In those situations, just keep your mind as well as stomach tight, strong otherwise live upon dry foods, cakes etc. Maintaining your appetite is a vital factor you need to consider.



Continuous walking

In this digital age, I believe most of my reader friends are out of this habit of carrying on a regular run or jogging in morning. Because as I told earlier that carrying a bag of 50-60 Liters on your back & walking with a stick may be seemed to a fancy thing, but  in reality it is not. In fact when its a case of hilly zigzag way, continuous uphill & downhill, you will not be excused by this toil. So grab all those healthy habits I mentioned above & yes of course start practicing of run at least 1month prior to the journey. This will give you a peace in walking & will ease your leg pain.

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Now u can ask me why I was preparing these things. I want to share an experience happened with me in Gorkhey Trek.



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  • Souradeep Das
    October 12, 2017

    bhaloi.. !

      October 12, 2017

      Thanks Souradeep. This is all because of love by u people. stay tuned ?

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