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Moments spent in jayanti river bed

Jayanti river bed visiting was one of the chill moments I spent recently. This is not something exotic, but if you like nature, river, simple things, I swear you’re gonna love Jayanti river bed as a place.


Life is always dynamic. There’re stress and relieves, ups and downs. After a stressful week, the significant focus remains fixed to relieves. Mostly for myself this is true. May be for different persons, opinion matters differently. For me, the objective is like how much I’m obtaining from the nature, from the journey. Altogether the experience matters to me. This experience does not matter upon the comfort, deluxe or tastier foods. My principles always stay to the ground. I like to socialize, learn , mingle with people. Even some of the friends asked me, why they would need a trek ? I’ve simplified my points – why you should go for a trek.


This mindset was followed up in Jayanti trip too. A person who just have earned an escape to the hills, his heart never accepts any barrier. I got so much zeal just after reaching to the river bed of Jayanti river. As I was little tired after the last few hours of trek through the jungle, so finding a new open valley (which actually was the river bed.) was something new to me. And the team of us, just got occupied with their own stuffs. As everyone was carrying their own DSLR cameras, so everybody started to play with their creativity.

A wanderlust soul only seeks for adventure with desinomadz

A wanderlust soul only seeks for adventure


I rather was more excited to walk down the dry river bed. Its well known that in rainy season, the river gets filled with water. And the other bank could not be seen properly. But in winter, the scene was somehow different. A wide field with stone chips, left alone dry & dead. The distant horizon was clearly seen with cloud and mountains. The horizon was split with a fine line of narrow river stream. In between there were some single trees. I handle one of them with care. Within the whole stone bed I was the only man standing with a tree – it was a special feeling.  I captured the photo and saved my memories forever within it.


Sounds interesting? You might like some related stories of mine. How I became a solo traveler . Let me know if you ever have done something interesting. I’d be just happy to publish your amazing cool story. Write to me.




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