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Why you should go for a trek


i guys, How are you all. I was in a small vacation this days so could not be much online, or ready for answering your comments / queries , pardon me for that. Today’s discussion is very simple & reasonable, because I just returned from a short trek from Sandakphu, Falut. So during the trek, I imagined about this post – so many people spend their times with other unnecessary things, so why not to spend some time in a trek. So today’s topic is pretty straight forward- why we should opt for a trek.


Coming out from comfort zone:

I’ve seen so many people spending their vacations with luxurious lifestyle, big hotel rooms, delicious foods, precious cloths . But have you ever think of spending just a single night in a tent under the sky? Believe me, you’ll probably be lost in wonders. you’ll achieve something which can never be compared to these materialistic things. So probably, at least you need a trek, just to learn coming out from comfort zone, to learn something new.


Identify yourself:

Probably its one of those vital things I personally believe. A trek can teach you lots of things which you never find out earlier, that may be your positive aspects or may be some negative things, but when you’d face the real situation, you can identify the “inner you” or the inner power within. Let me give you an example: during the trek I felt little bit weak due to low density of oxygen, then I understood that I need some precautions from next time onward. Again there are some positive side also – I knew I’m kind of an energetic guy with stamina, the continuous walk for 5-6 days proved it. so while in a trek you also can identify your inner traits.


Its all about conquering fear:

Believe me, conquering fear can be one of your life time achievements. So many people get frightened before taking a decision in life, because they are not brave, they fear to face something unusual. Trekking can break this weakness into pieces. Taking risk of climbing mountains or just crossing  a deadly stream can be an epoch making decision leading to success. Even while crossing Singlila Forest, the constrained edges of trekking route may be dangerous, so you need to take risk, play safe & be victorious.


Its about loving the pain of journey:

A trek is always meant to be painful, unusual, uneasy. So, there is no fun without pain. You’ve spent the whole calendar year with so much fun, booze events. So there should not be any arguments while choosing a trek. Its not about do it fast & reach your destination earlier. But to enjoy each moments of this journey, each moment you’re walking, you’re surviving. I got so much pain in ankle, it was just completely unbearable, even it was too difficult for me to go to bathroom. But believe me, I loved this pain after consecutive 3 days of walking.


Gain mental strength

Mental strength is something more to be gained out of a trek than physical strength, in my opinion. Your mental strength will determine how you will perform in trek. Walking each day a two-digit number in an uphill road is not a matter of joke, & your mental strength is the key factor. Each moment after crossing some distance, you’ll feel fatigued, & you’ll think to take some extra moments of rest, but at the same time you need to be mentally very strong that anyhow you need to cross that distance. while in trek, I was rather occupied with basic maths – I need to cross this distance. within this time. whenever my legs declined to walk further, I used to utter one line – “Miles to go before I sleep.”


Learning new things

If you’re liberal in nature, believe me you can learn lots of things from a trek. This is so much true for a travel or trip also. While I was in trek, I asked so much things from my local guide, about the Nepalese culture, their lifestyle, food, local news, the forest animals, herbs, safety tips. I learned so many things. Even I preferred to stay one night among a Nepalese family, I accepted their hospitality, their foods, warm cloths & more over their gentle behaviour helped me to earn some lessons.

I’m unique – not for mainstream things

After the successful trek, you’d feel you’re not like an ordinary man/ woman. The pride would feel your heart with the joy of success & you’ll be more confident about yourself. So, you’ll have this feeling that you’ve an uniqueness, a different quality within you- you’ll be more than on cloud 9. when I came down from the high altitudes,  the populated roads, traffic signals, busy roads – all made me sad because I knew I’m missing my quests. Now I have so many experiences, stories to tell you , my friends, families.


Discovering yourself in shape

The last but not the least, who else gonna find him in a good shape. Trekking is all about physical labour, surviving in nature, least chances of food availability or carrying your required amount of own foods. So a strict diet only when you’re hungry & cant walk, huge work out these will more or less guide you to a shaped figure, how small trek you avail, that doesnot matter, but you’ll feel refreshed, alive after getting your new vigour. After joining to office, my co-workers praised me as I got a slimmed myself. So, apart from gaining mental strength, physical benefits are also there.


So, my friends, rather than fooling around go for a trek according to your budget.



2 Responses
  • Animesh Singh
    April 1, 2017

    Seems really enriching experience after reading your post.
    Had you gone alone or with friends, and how many days it took you?

      April 4, 2017

      Thanks Animesh!
      yes always there are some experiences which u probably never had before a trek. We organized the trek with my freinds & I lost the company after some event, then finally I survived the whole way being a solo trekker & met my team at the end

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