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Self-awareness is the key to your passion


i friends ! Days are too fast, minutes are too faster, and yes seconds are just uncountable. This is like my present day scenarios. Very few days arrive like this, when I actually find some time to write down some of my thoughts, good ideas or to grab a coffee mug for my blog. I know its very important for me, as everything I started from this point. But the present situation is something different. Though self-awareness is not doomed still.

Self-awareness is the key to your passion

Self-awareness is the key to your passion

Some of you asked me in mail – How can you stick to your passion to this level?


I thought may be I can enlighten to this topic little bit. Though I’m not good in the context of enlightenment much.


Life is very unpredictable being a businessman, having a start up mindset, having an adventurous heart (though I believe I always had that), preparing for another level of study. But in one thing I always used to keep faith upon, that is K A R M A. since, I’m a hard working self-motivating person since childhood- I always believe if you had dream of achieving something & you work hard to get that done, believe me mate your hard work will definitely pay off. You will never know the shape of the result. May be in a present shape or in a future shape, of which you are completely unaware. So before all, first know yourself – what you want actually. Build your self awareness.


Even I wrote an article couples of month ago regarding focus & simplicity in life.


Actually you cant value something you know nothing about. In case of to rate something, or just to judge something how good or bad it is, you must have a wide knowledge about it, you need to know whats it for, what can be done with it etc.


In a context of evaluating something, you need to know yourself. You will surely know about you- what can be done by you & what cant be done. I’m a musician since childhood. I play instruments in concerts in front of thousand audience. I know I don’t have any stage fear or facing public appearance. But I never did a sky diving, yes for that I’m scary, unsure, hesitated & nervous obviously. So, knowing yourself is what I want to say. If you don’t know what your motives are, If you just don’t know why you’re doing this thing, If you’re running from self-awareness, addicting yourself in chemistry or some mindless behavior, if you’re having a life without inner involvement & your focus snot to feel much deeper. Then probably you don’t know your value. In this way you can never be able to build your healthy self-esteem.


Here’s an interesting piece by Time Trabble, regarding Self-esteem.

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