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The beautiful streams on way to Lachung from Gangtok

the dangerous route

As we were heading towards Lachung we had encountered several waterfalls which I thought to showcase here in blog. However I found some beautiful waterfalls too last time when I visited North sikkim in June,2014, but those waterfalls were on my way to Lachen, but this time its my turn to Lachung.

For those who missed the post how we came to the way to Lachung, you must read day 1 journey.As we were moving towards Lachung, the weather started to be very cold & we decided to wore our warm cloths, even the sunglasses & caps. on way, there are lots of scenic beauties which would remind you to take them captured in your camera, but as you were moving in a shared car , probably you will not have always the chance to get the best view (thinking of the possibility to get a bad seat position, I am concerning that case) , though the driver would stop you in some spots .

I got a very friendly driver in the last session, now this time again the driver was a nepali driver & he was very much friendly, though not as fast as the previous session. we faced some good streams but we didnot prefer to stop there, cause It was not the rainy season to have a great view of falls.

the bridge

we prefer to stop at the last fall , the space is great there & you can climb down to the stones to have portraits.

The stream coming from its source

The stream

stream as it flows

stream waters

But be careful when climbing down, as the valleys are very sharp, bendings are less, much straight, so dont get slippered , otherwise you would get serious injury. Try to get down in group, so that you would get help from others.

people taking snap getting down inti the valley

front of the falls

This journey is all about 6-7 hours & after getting down to Lachung, have a sound sleep, cause you need to have proper acclimatization , the next day trip is towards yumthang,Zero point etc.  so you need the adjust with atmosphere.

See the next stories after getting down to Lachung, we encountered some interesting situations before getting sleep.

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