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Lachung night stay with cousin

We reached Lachung with the scenic views of beautiful waterfalls on way. After the hectic 6-7 hours journey we finally became able to reach Lachung. Theres nothing to do more after reaching Lachung specially if you arrive here late. We did arrive near about 6 pm, so already darkness engulfed the surrounding. Also drivers suggest here not to go here & there from the booked staying place. Local people are gentle & friendly, they always eager to talk to you, incase you might not take that openly. so better to avoid, but if you feel confident then you can approach, no issues at all.

In our case, after the unloading process & room cleaning we just hanged out to outside for some refreshment as the whole day’s halting to a single seat was very much painful physically. Here, the villagers stock their woods just beside their houses, so as to have sufficient stock. we were trying to take a clear sky landscape photograph in that darkness, suddenly a villager welcomed us warmly & invited us to his house. Basically we didnot find any problem with that, so just arrived there, we were standing just on the middle of his land, before his abode. He was drunk, well, we weren’t surprised at all, in that temperature, keeping your body warm is actually is a necessity. The villager greeted us as we were from kolkata. He shared his story that he also had visited kolkata during his graduation, & kolkata seemed to be a nice city to him. Then after some conversations, he invited us inside his home to take some wine as well. But this time ‘NO’, actually we  weren’t ready for this, may be that would become too much. Thinking so we just politely tell him that we were not covered completely, so that we needed to check in our hotel once to cover up, then we surely will come & we returned to room. Needless to say we never were back. Next morning, we had Yumthang Valley in our list, which would be lots of fun we knew.


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