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Yumthang valley-the hidden treasure

By Tanmoy Biswas

It was the second day in North sikkim- we were enough lucky to have a visit to yumthang valley. After reaching to Lachung yesterday night, the night’s sleep was awesome as we were fatigued too much. I traveled this spot just before 6months ago, but I missed the heavenly beauties of nature at that time, as it was the month of June.But now its the treasure of ice. I have inserted some of these photos.

Yumthang valley is the grazing pasture mostly surrounded by Himalayan  mountains. Its famous for its residence of almost 24 species of Rhododendron flower, that is why this valley is called ‘The valley of Flowers.’

The ever attractive Yumthang Valley

Yumthang valley is situated at an elevation of 11000 ft , which is at a distance of 150 KM from the capital -“Gangtok.’ that is the reason you cant cover the whole distance at one shot, you cant directly reach yumthang, you must some to Lachung from Gangtok, it would take a whole day time, you need to take rest overnight there. then the next morning you need to travel towards Yumthang valley.

Heading towards zero point

Danger in its each step

I was very much excited before coming here, as I knew that the temperature there is near about -16 degree Centigrade at the night, & somewhat -2 degree centigrade in the day time, it was somewhat challenge to me – so I was eagerly waiting for this environment from the very beginning I appeared to Gangtok.

Yumthang Valley

peak hidden behind fogs

Its an option to wear some warm jackets & boots at this spot for those, who are willing to visit the zero point- another tourist attraction where anytime of the year, travelers can get ice. The Nepali people – they rent the shoes,glove,jackets each pair for 50 rupees.

As we were moving to higher altitudes, we could feel the air was getting thin & oxygen density started to be lesser. so some people can face difficulties with breathing, specially if they start hard works, like jumping or running faster in which they were supposed to supply more oxygens to blood, so its pretty advisable not to be engaged in toiling. Who knows we were about to encounter some snow fall next, but it was the fact which occurred after this.

Guys playing with Ice

The photographs were taken by Nikon D5100. the metadata is given below:



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