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Leave policy in Telecom industry


ey everyone,how are you. I received lots of requests & questions this week asking about lifestyle of Telecom sector, some people asked about Reliance JIO services; there were also some travel related queries, I tried to solve them as much as possible. Besides, its my request you can post queries in comments, so it might be useful for others also, who are seeking for the same.Today, my topic is simple – its about leave policy in Telecom industry. How actually its & how its looked.

Life in Telecom is not so simple as I have stated earlier(there is always a Vs between profession & job satisfaction), though for a standardisation IT people generally talk about that they have no lives, no fun, no times. But I really doubt about it. Telecom sector is an emergency sector where your requirement can be at any time. May be that’s in the middle of night when thr whole world is supposed to sleep. & there are some very popular , common phrases those are quite vogue in Telecom sector –

  • You cant switch off your phone.
  • You are in a leave but you’ve to be in support always over call, online (so actually a proper calendar holiday, sunday holiday these are myths.)

The leave policy is really a big catch. You might think, if its your leave quota then you can have the quota entirely.But let me tell you that you can never utilise your quota fully. because except for an emergency health hazard, no one will be willing to release you for a leave. so basically, for a family plan you probably need to cache your plan. because pre requirements for arranging a trip would never meet the leave approval conditions in your office – leaves are subjected to be approved at the last minute when you cant edit your plan or itinerary. In simple words, you cant maintain the quality of a good service man who can balance his life. And if you’re deployed in a project phase work, then you should say Goodbyes to your sundays also. Happy weekends yeah! The last month presented me couples of examples, where one of my co-worker cancelled his family trip for 3 days (pre-planned & approved case) & let his family to travel alone, just because of immediate business requirement & planning.

So before making a plan, make your mindset , how far you can go to approve the leaves finally.

If you’ve any exciting story about applying for leave & getting it done, share it in comment.



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