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Snow falls from Yumthang valley to Zero point

snowfall in Zero point

I never made my mind before that I would write some post for snowfall. But after getting so much of it in Yumthang Valley, I just decided lets make this a seperate post,  I had never seen such snowfall before, being a  part of  busy lifestyle metro city, & my most of the times of life I have spent in education & career, so I was never become such fortunate to face a snowfall , But north sikkim just made this happened.

The time was when we were on way to Zero point from yumthang Valley.As I have told that I was the second time visitor for North sikkim, & the ist time was during a rainy season, & therefore I had not the luck for snow, but this time, Its the month of January- It was freezing & freezing all the way,  I was really surprised to discover no land was remained open for air- all were just wrapped with veils of snow.

it was the place from where shoe & other clothes are being taken for the trip to zero point. here I m showcasing a little snow while we were just about to uphill towards zeropoint.

And its not all about- as we started to move uphill, the snowfall began rapidly. at the zero point it was impossible to take out cameras , even mobiles, the heavy snows can damage your cameras, mobiles , as just holding for taking a video for 10-15 seconds could make your phone totally wet. so we couldnot capture that.  Even I was so tired for the freezing cold, it started to pain beneath my foot for the freezing cold. I couldnot walk on the Ice in zero point, but I had no grief for that, as I did something bigger later 😉

Now it was the time to come down , as we were really in hurry to be in such a part where theres no ice, I had some problems under my feet, it was feeling like there is no sense in my feet, the feet were burning in cold, I never experienced this freezing experience. so we decided to move fast, and another thing to worry was, no driver other than us, dared to move to Zero point. so there was some risks, as in any danger or problems, the other drivers or other car could help you. Anyways, we were not sorrowful for this return, but on way back we experienced the snowfall in lower parts near yumthang Valley became terrific.

It was the casual snowfall in yumthang in the month of January at its ist week in North sikkim. the video taken from car so a bit shaky. excuse me for that =)

The snow fall was at some distance from zero point & before we reach to Yumthang valley, we requested our driver to stop the car, & he also admitted that we were quite lucky to get the snowfall. Then we resumed our journey & stopped near yumthang valley again to capture some more videos of snowfall- which are embedded below.

The next day’s trip would be towards Thangu, & I’m telling you this trip is more exciting than any others personally, for its the journey through the desert like terrain.



If You have any question related to Yumthung, snow falls, stay, or simply asking anything, You can do a comment, reply will be instant 🙂


6 Responses
  • Meenakshi
    January 16, 2016

    Looks like Paradise 🙂

      January 16, 2016

      Hya really, I felt snowfall for the ist time then. It was awesome. But I guess you & dada are having more beautiful places to trip than sikkim, which already i have seen in FB.

    June 9, 2017



    Please let me know is the cold bearable in Yumthang by elderly people (50+) . Is the journey really tiresome to Lachung.
    We are planning our trip in Jan-18 to really see some snow. Please advise is it the good time to visit Lachung-Yumthang in Jan.

    Many Thanks

      June 11, 2017

      Hi Benjamin, Thanks for letting me know your query.
      First of all North sikkim is a nice place for people of all ages. But here deciding factor is weather- time.
      If you’re planning for December-Jan, its my honest advise dont bring your elders/ senior people, as North sikkim is kind of a adventure trip, which may be hectic for senior people.
      And yes journey to Lachung can be exhaustive for elders.
      Let me know if you’ve further queries 🙂

  • Smita Chowdhury Roy
    October 30, 2017

    What is the best time to see snow covered yumthung valley and Zero point. We are planning to visit this year mid of November, do we have any luck ?

    • tanmoy biswas
      October 30, 2017

      Hello Smita thanks for your visit. Yes u’ll get snow covered zero point definitely in mid of Nov. Though Yumthung valley is unpredictable depending upon the season’s first snow fall.Usually Nov is not the month for snow fall, so it may not be ice covered. you also can check this one out if you’ve not been through:
      All the best for your journey 🙂

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